Bringing together amazing Bitcoin/Crypto artists

Crypto Art Gallery was simply an idea to bring together the amazing bitcoin/crypto based artwork from around the world for everyone to view. The event was free to attend and ran over a single day (April 9th 2017)

Some of the artists who submitted artwork/attended included:

Toon Punk

The awesomeToon Punk was present at our art gallery! Artwork on display from Toon Punk included: Sonic The Hedgefund, The Renaissance is Now, B The Change and Beyond The Silk Road

Michal Cander

The amazing Satoshi Nakamoto III oil painting by Michal Cander, was available for sale at the event


Amazing signed artwork from Youl was on display and sale these included: Crypto Socialism, Bitcoin Liberty, Les Mineurs and Last Bitcoin Supper


We had the amazing artwork from on display these included: Honey Badger, Moon Boots, Coin-Fusion, A Beautiful Mind, Nowhere to Hide, I Promise, Campbell's Soup, Transition of Power - Franklin, Transition of Power - Hamilton

Mark Mace Smith

We had amazing artwork from Mark Mace Smith these included: Two Minds / One Love and Tyler Is Not Happy

Pantelis Roussakis

We had 3 amazing pieces of artwork from Pantelis Roussakis on display these included: Pop Wallet #1, Satoshi's Labyrinth and Skewed Wallet #1

The awesome Bitcoin whitepaper logo was on display at out event from

Satoshi Graphics

We had 6 pieces of artwork from the amazing Satoshi Gallery these included Clockwork Bitcoin, Bitcoin - No Gods No Masters, Girl With Bitcoin, DEBT IS OVER - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Accepted Here and HERE'S THE BLOCKCHAIN

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